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Onsite IT Support

Onsite IT Support

Refined IT is your technology partner for onsite it support in Perth WA. Our growing success is directly dependent on our clients long-term success so helping your business meet all its technology goals is our highest priority.

Our Onsite IT Support Solutions are designed and implemented thorough an initial audit process which involves an onsite network review and a complete understanding of your unique business processes. You can be confident that any IT system repairs and onsite IT support provided by Refined IT will enhance your businesses productivity and efficiency.

You need to spend your critical time on what you do best, running your own business. Leave us to resolve the frustration of downed servers, unexpected computer repairs, software glitches, inaccessible data, and hundreds of other problems. This is what we do best.

Reduce Downtime

Responsive and experienced on-site IT support means less downtime. Simple truth.

Increase Productivity

Hardware and software is especially selected for every task. A better alternative from the ‘one size fits all’ styles purchases employed by other IT providers. We aim to enhance the efficiency of your business through experienced product selection, nothing more, nothing less.

Save Money

By planning and proactively implementing onsite IT support and technology maintenance, your IT budget becomes predictable and you are rewarded with massive long-term savings providing the flexibility of budgeting for future upgrades.

Rest Assured

We want you to be confident that your investment in technology infrastructure and most importantly business critical data, is reliable and thoroughly safe. All our Technology Engineers have entered into binding confidentiality agreements and our systems have world-class security and redundancy.

  • Experienced Business Onsite IT Support Services

  • Corporate, Small and Medium Business and SOHO solutions

  • Virus Removal and Protection

  • Malware Removal and Protection

  • Spyware Removal and Protection

  • Desktop and Laptop Speed Tune Up

  • Desktop and Laptop Speed Cleaning

  • Desktop and Laptop Hardware Repairs

  • Wired Network Setup

  • Wireless Network Setup

  • Server Build, Configuration and Installation

  • Desktop and Laptop Setup

  • Printer and Address Book Setup

  • VPN and Remote Access Setup

  • Remote Network Drive Setup

  • Cloud and Local Data Backups

  • Network Design, Installation, Security and Support

  • Hardware Purchases