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Network Security  Perth

Network Security Perth

Refined IT is a trusted provider of network security support in Perth western australia. Due to the increasing requirement for data protection and threat prevention from both online and physical security threats, it is now essential that your business obtains and utilize security tools for your own protection.

Many businesses have already taken appropriate steps to address both online and physical security risks by introducing network security technologies, such as; intrusion detection systems, firewalls and physical security elements. We understand some of these technologies may seem unfamiliar to you but they are essential for your businesses protection. In the IT industry today network security beaches cause increased concern for data loss, viruses, scams, confidentiality breaches and with technology expanding so quickly, it is very easy for any business to get left behind.

Refined IT works in cooperation with your business, its employees, IT systems, mobile devices to keep you a step ahead of new security threats.

Vulnerability Tests and Assessments

Do you know the weakest points of your IT systems open to attack? Would your employees discuss confidential network information with someone they perceive to be from your IT provider?

Network Penetration Testing

Is your network infrastructure updated with the latest software patches? Are all your network passwords changed from the default username and password? Are all your unused physical network ports detached / closed?

Intrusion Detection Systems

Would you know if someone unauthorized was inside your network? Would you know if confidential information was leaking onto the internet also known as Data Leakage?


Firewalls are essential for networks and individual workstations and servers. Firewalls have the ability to keep intruders out of your network, but also help keep the confidential information inside your network.