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IT Procurement

IT Procurement

Refined IT trusted IT procurement department has built up long standing partnerships with a number of both international and national hardware and software vendors. We know many of our sales representatives working at our vendors by first name and surname and have friendly and open communication with them. In return, we are provided with greater IT procurement flexibility, reliability and excellent customer service which we passed on to our clients. We are committed to our vendors and as we pass a high volume of sales through them, we in return we are provided extraordinary pricing, again this is also passed onto our clients.

The technology infrastructure running nearly all of your businesses critical processes is made from network, workstation and server hardware. With so many leading brands claiming to be the best, choosing the right one means hours of research! Don’t worry we have done this for you!

There are many questions we ask ourselves on behalf of our clients in order to select the correct hardware and software. What operating system? Which hardware components? What other hardware will be required? Will the existing hardware be compatible with the infrastructure already in place? How well will it work five years from now? Is the business likely to grow or expand into different locations? Contact us today for a professional opinion your IT procurement requirements.

Extraordinary Pricing

Refined IT’s trusted vendor partnerships allow us to provide heavily discounted pricing. If you have received a quote from another IT company, pass it to us. We will do our best to ensure your being sold the right products for the task and attempt to save you even more!

Experienced Selection

Ensuring you have the right hardware and software run your business is a critical aspect of IT procurement. If you’re current IT provider has just selected something for you without asking you any informative questions, I would start asking questions!